The Stun Gun is a self defense weapon which can be used by the girls and senior citizens to safeguard themselves from the violence or any other harmful attack. Actually, it is known as electric shock gun as it indices electric shock in the body of the attacker and leaving the person unconscious for approximately half an hour. After that you get much time to escape from their and seek for the help from others. The ladies safety stun gun is very useful for women, ladies or girls in today’s corrupted world. It is made with modern scientific ideas and equipped with latest technology. It is not only made for girls, while it is a safety device and anyone can use this for their safety. But, yes priority is girls. Everyone knows that this world is not safe for the girls. That’s why Spy introduced ladies safety weapon in the form of Teaser Gun to the world. Now, yours safety is in your hand. Stun Gun in Delhi India is available online and offline at Stun Gun Stores and Showrooms in Delhi India.

This self defense weapon is very easy to use and carry with yourself. It is light weighted. Therefore, the girls or, ladies can keep it in their purse, bag, vehicle and at wherever they want to keep it. The Electric Spy Gun resembles like a mobile phone, lipstick, torchlight therefore, no one can suspect it as a safety device. There are the list of Spy Stun Gun which are following: ultra compact stun gun, cell phone style stun gun, Police stun baton+ torch, Aviation Aluminum Self Defense, Rechargeable Flash Light Stun Gun, Self Defense Electric Teaser Gun, Spy Stun Gun, Self Defense Cell Phone, Spy Self Defense Stun Gun, Taiwan Police Stun gun, Expandable Type Stun gun, Lipstick Stun gun, Stun Guns Travel Chic. The Stun Gun in India is available with reputed dealers and manufacturers at the best possible price in this industry. Anyone can buy these products at affordable price which suits your pocket according this time.