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Cell Phone Rf Signal Blocker/Jammer Pouch. Stop Cell Phone Tracking And Bugging

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Aside from jealous admirers, criminals and government agencies many employers are issuing company cell phones and tablets to keep track (tracking) of their employees. Tablets and cell phones not only can track you but also act as remote listening and video recording devices. These devices can be remotely turned on and have your conversations listened to. Our products will stop the tracking and bugging of your cell phone and tablets as well as protect your ID and credit cards from ID theft.
Blocks cell phone signals 100%
Phones will not ring while inside the bag
Signal is automatically re-acquired when phone is taken out of the bag
Depending on your operator's network configuration, callers will hear a "temporarily unreachable" message instead of "cell phone is off" ** message varies between operators
Specially designed for your mobile cell phone
Offers physical protection for your phone from damaging, scratching and dust.
Additional functions involves anti-radiation, anti-degaussing. Perfect for those that are pregnant and need to minimize radiation exposure.
Due to cell phone wave radiation, long time carrying a cell phone can put a person in danger.By using this bag you can ease this problem to a large extent for this phone bag has a great effect in anti-radiation.
You can also put your magnetized credit cards into the bag which can avoid magnetism loss and information ID theft leaks.

Package Included:-

Dimensions:- Approximately 3.75 x 5.6 inches with flap closed.